Pregnancy is the second most dangerous moment in a woman’s life.

In Every State in the Union women are being murdered because they are pregnant.

When you are pregnant, you are to Trust No One including his ex-girlfriends, sisters, his mother, or any of his relatives, No One. We know of cases where the relatives helped to dispose of the body.

You must expect that he will not be happy with your news.

Your pregnancy may be a death sentence for him. He knows the law will require him to pay child support for the next 18 years plus he will have to see a child’s face that he does not want. You must understand his position. You and he had fun having sex and that should be the end of it. He may believe that you should have an abortion and leave him alone. His position could be “Why should he get stuck paying the bill for the next 18 years when all you have to do is have an abortion.” If you do not want your name on a list of murder victims, you should reframe from getting pregnant until you are married and then you still may be at risk. If you want to have your child and raise him or her, keep your mouth shut. While you are pregnant the only way you can protect yourself is to conceal the child’s paternity or move.

This is not an extreme warning. We know of cases where the woman was murdered as soon as she said she was pregnant. We also know of cases where the woman was murdered after she said she was pregnant and she was not pregnant. Year after year women are reported missing, and in some cases the possibility that the woman was murdered because she was pregnant is great. The police may not have thought to follow up with her gynecologist. Feticide laws are ok for prosecution but it does not stop a pregnant woman from being murdered.

One of the reasons why the murder of pregnant women has not been brought to the attention of the nation is because the FBI does not include this statistic in their report to the nation. The FBI collects comprehensive homicide statistics but does not look at pregnancy nor does the FBI collect data regarding statutory rape. The Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tracks maternal health but has no uniform way of monitoring maternal killings.

Under normal circumstances pregnancy is supposed to be the happiest hour of a woman’s life but our data reveals that is not necessarily so. The Institute believes pregnancy can be a death sentence for some women. The Institute believes pregnancy is the second deadliest moment in a woman’s life.



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