The Recidivist Volume 4 – Part Three

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You Must Leave The State
And Stay Gone Forever

Many people think, “Oh, battered women are safe, all they have to do is leave. Well, many battered women do in fact leave and they get murdered.”

Stanley, Director Family Violence program for New Hampshire
Mental Health Services

Is This Truly a Phenomenon To Be Recognized?

April 10, 2007 there was a discussion program on the cable station, Arts & Entertainment, regarding the Battered Women’s Syndrome. The two legal scholars represented in the discussion were a law professor from Harvard Law School and a female prosecutor from California. They were discussing the use and misuse of the Battered Women’s Syndrome defense used by attorneys in the explanation for a woman killing a man who had abused her. Mixed in with the discussion were a few previous cases where women have murdered men and used the Battered Women’s Syndrome as a defense against the charge of murder. Of course the so called female serial killer from Florida was dragged into the fray. What angered me about the program is that the discussion was lopsided. It is easy to discuss how another should act when one has never been hounded, brained washed, battered or raped. It is easy to sit in an sterilized environment and discuss how others should act. We wonder if the law professor has ever been in a boxing match, held a gun in his hand let alone been in a fight for his life. We wonder if the female prosecutor has ever been slung around a room with such force that she not only wet her panties, but wet her panties for days after the assault and wets her panties whenever a man speaks in a loud voice. We wonder if the female prosecutor had been told so many times that she is a fat slob, that she not only believes she is a fat slob, but that her daughter has inherited the trait? We wonder how many assault cases involving women has she plea-bargained down to misdemeanors and how many juvenile rapists has she recommended probation? California is filled with rapists. Dodging a rapist on parole in California is like trying to dodge a rain drop. Surely the safeguarding of the community against rapists on parole could have been woven into the conversation. Would not the women in California be better served if the prosecutor had asked the governor to set a $50,000 reward for the murderer of Evelyn Hernandez, who was 9 months pregnant, and her missing 5 year old son, Alex, or has the cold case squad forgotten about her, making Mrs. Laci Peterson more important? Here were two professionals that have never been near the trenches, yet they believe themselves competent to discuss a battered woman and her ability to defend herself against the charge of murder. Imagine! The discussion was disingenuous. As a rebuttal to everything they said on the broadcast, we offer you a view into the lives of 3,000 America women from across the country. These women sought help from the police, from the courts and from shelters. They obtained restraining orders, yet they were still murdered. Let no on tell you all a woman has to do is leave her home and all will be well. We believe our discussion presents a much more detailed portrayal of the violence visited upon women necessitating the need for the Battered Wife Syndrome as the defense for the abused woman.

Please read carefully because all of the women we discuss are dead. They did not survive the battering or the attack and not one of them was armed and most were murdered during a sneak attack (while they were sleeping). Men are trained as boys, when they played GI Joe, how to conduct a sneak attack.



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