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This series is a must read for every woman living in America regardless of status. Doctors, lawyers,, engineers, waitresses, housewives, everyone needs to read this series because only then will you have the tools to save your life. Do not sit there thinking you are safe because the very woman who smugly thinks she is safe because of her status in life is the first woman murdered. Jennifer Blagg of Grand Junction, Colorado, probably thought she was safe. She was not, her husband, Michael, shot her to death November 12, 2001 while she was sleeping. Mrs. Blagg had argued with her husband about his Internet net use of pornography. After the argument she went to sleep. Mr. Blagg not only shot his wife to death while she was sleeping, he killed her daughter, Abby Blagg, age six. Mrs. Blagg’s body was found in a land fill.
I conducted this researched and wrote this series because I was sick and tired of reading about women being murdered in this country, women being burned alive in India, and women being castigated in Africa. Women from foreign shores come to this country and when they try to assimilate and become American women they are killed. This is not right and it must be stopped. The first time an immigrant hits his wife he should be deported. His wife and children can be given the option of staying. Hitting your wife is not the American Way. Women need to have open discussions with their sons regarding sex and the treatment of women. Women need to pay attention to their sons who exhibit low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Mothers must train their sons not to be followers; that rape is wrong. These subjects must be openly discussed in the home over and over again. Bullies are stupid, not smart.
Violence is not our number one problem. Our number one problem is we do not have a general consensus as what we should do about violence in our country. All of us need to work together to rid our nation of violence making our streets safe again. The first decision all of us need to make is that we are all going to get involved and do whatever we can do in any capacity to end violence in our nation. Ending violence begins with everyone. It begins with our changing and making up our minds that we are going to confront this issues with all of our resources until we see a drastic change in the statistics being reported on the number of murders and rapes being committed in this country and the number of juveniles crimes being committed in this country.
Women are being murdered because they do not know they are in danger. Many women live their lives wearing blinders. Lives could be saved if women are told danger signs and warnings. Murder is not a spontaneous combustion. My research showed that women talk too much and women make too many assumptions and that is why men are able to murder them. Women invite murderers into their lives and into their homes. These are not flattering characteristics, but nevertheless true of many women. Understanding these facts can lead to the solutions of some murders and the prevention of others.
The key lies in why women talk so much and how they make assumptions. I want women to know if women change the way they think they can reduce the possibilities that they will become a victim thus saving their life and the lives of their children.
Black women you must learn to retreat during arguments. You walk around every day with your fists balled up because you are constantly facing disrespect and you are tired of it. Many of you rather fight than back down. Granted, as girls you have had to fight males to get respect, but you must realize as an adult you are facing a different animal when you are arguing. Retreat, if not for yourself retreat for your children. Stop making arguing a matter of pride. Retreat and live. Once he throws the first punch you must decide to leave. Keep your mouth shut, make your plans then leave. And keep your loud mouth girlfriend out of your business. She will not be the one to die if the man you are arguing with decides to kill. Black children are being destroyed in foster care. The most wretched human being is a motherless child. Retreat and live so that you can take care of your children and not leave them to languish in foster care. There is a child living in foster care in Oak Park, Michigan. He is not allowed to come home after school until night fall, consequently he walks the street and visits friends until he is allowed to come home. He gambles in the bathroom for spending money. If his mother was alive this would not be so. Retreat during an argument and stay alive to raise your children. Also before you work and put your husband through school you have a prenuptial agreement drawn up and signed where he is responsible for your support if he decides to graduate from college and divorce you. This money shall be in addition to the child support he has to pay. When you put your husband through school, you made a financial investment in him. You should realize a return on your investment. That’s just business. Also have your wishes recorded as to who you want to raise your children in the event of your demise.
                                                 Gloria G. Lee,, 67, Author

A Wake Up Call For Women

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The Women of Courage series and The Do This In Remembrance series are books geared toward helping victims of crime, their families and helping women to seek new futures. The series were written to help women change their lives and to help saves the lives of women and children. Knowing how men kill could help save your life. Giving a woman a gift of a book that can show her how to change her life for the better and how to protect her is an invaluable deed. Giving a friend, sister, daughter or niece a book as a gift from these series is one of the best things you can do for them. A Wake Up Call is exactly what you will be giving them.

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