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Welcome to The NISV Home Page!
 Do This In Remembrance of Me

The National Institute of the Study of Violence developed out of a 10 year study of violence against women. The study was conducted to chronicle violence against women in this country and the world. During this 10 year period over 5,000 American women were reported murdered.

The National Institute of the Study of Violence is an organization whose primary goal is to prevent violence against women. We believe this objective can be reached through research, collection and dissemination of information throughout the country. We publish a newsletter, a magazine, and conduct seminars on issues of violence. Our seminars are designed to include all segments of the society. The National Institute of the Study of Violence's main focus is prevention. We feel that our work is important, and will make a difference in the community. Our secondary goal is to focus attention on the violence experienced by women in America. Everyone is an interested party in the cause we are fighting. The prevention of violence directly affects the stability of families and the productivity of the nation. There are very few companies in America that can say none of their employees have ever been murdered.

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